Definitely Paris is the city of love and happiness. So Maison Hallab took this opportunity and allowed itslef to share with you all your happy moments. we will focus on what’s truly important to you, the we will build a beautiful experience about it.

Catering for all your lovely moments!

The memories to reflect on and treasure include the joyful conversations and heartfelt speeches, the dancing, and the meals. You and all of your favorite people deserve to be treated like royalty on your special day.

what are you celebrating? whatever it might be (birthday, party, wedding, graduation...). We add to your events a sweet taste for your everlasting memories.


Personal attention to detail, in our opinion, is the cornerstone of a wonderful event experience. From catering to presentation. From presentation to catering service through cleanup. We are committed to providing an event experience that is both absolutely personal and expert.


Let's talk together, we will make your next event truly memorable!