Maison Hallab

In Paris, Maison Hallab has just opened. We are delighted to be of service to you while you are in Paris, allowing you to take in both the sights and flavors of Lebanon.

Food with Love

From Deep Heart

Maison Hallab with its new branch in Paris, offers you the real authentic taste of Arabic taste specially the Lebanese sweets taste. Desserts in Lebanon are often made using fried dough and rich syrup.A wide range of sweets is available at Maison Hallab, made and prepared with care and love.

Bringing Arabian, specially Lebanese, culture to the heart of Paris

Whatever your tastes, there's no denying that the Lebanese desserts are too irresistible for us to resist, diet or no diet. By the time you've finished reading our list of the best ones, we guarantee you'll be hankering after more than one. So, as Maison Hallab, we decided to expand the flavor of Lebanese sweets, and now here we are in the heart of Paris.


Meet us as Lafayette Gourmet starting May 7th

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