about us

The History of the “Maison”

YES! First time in Paris and it feels great... Originally founded in 1881, a favorite for its unique and original recipes, Maison Hallab creates and sells a wide range of mouthwatering Lebanese and Oriental sweets as well as a range of Lebanese traditional salty dishes. It is guaranteed to put a smile on your face from the first bite. Our experienced chefs work relentlessly and strive to impress our customers by providing them with the highest degree of quality food and finest service. Our mission is to create culture around Lebanese pastries while giving our valuable customers a great consistent gastronomic experience with unparalleled service.

the location

For all the tourists and people visiting Paris, our location in the center of the city is convenient and accessible. As we are recognized for our friendliness and kindness, this helps us disseminate the authentic flavor of Lebanese sweets and meals more quickly.


Let's talk together, we will make your next event truly memorable!